septic system pipe repair

Septic System Repair & Installation

What is a septic system? Sewage and dirty wastewater from your home flow into an underground pipe that is connected to an onsite sewage disposal system known as a septic system. Septic systems are typically not in Baltimore City, but can be found all over the many neighborhoods of Baltimore County.

A septic system has many working parts that need periodic maintenance, repair, or replacement. These parts include the septic tank, various pipes, septic tank baffles, distribution boxes, pumps, drain fields, seepage pits, dry-wells, and cesspools.

Due to their complex nature, septic tank repairs require experience and craftsmanship. Frank always starts with an assessment of what is working and what is not on your plumbing. This allows him to surgically repair only the problems that need addressing. We always strive to give our customers the best options to fix their unique needs.

The right start for any repair process is to have a video camera inspection of the system. This allows us to pinpoint any and all problems currently affecting your plumbing. Are you ready to begin the septic repair process? Get in touch!